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Softballs - Anti-Limescale spheres

Softballs - Anti-Limescale spheres

SEK:129:-Inkl. moms


ANTI-LIMESCALE SPHERES FOR COFFEE MACHINES - An innovative patented system that prevents limescale formation through the natural action of the biocatalyst in the spheres.  The usage of this product ensures clean water brewing for a perfectly creamy and aromatic coffee. It maintains the content of mineral salts in the water, in particular Calcium and Magnesium, which are essential for our health.

No release of chemicals.

Long lasting: one dose  lasts 3 months.

Compatible with all traditional resin and carbon filters.

Recommended for pump coffee machines (both portioned and drip, with the exception of Clessidra  0132301141, 0132301145, 0132301135, 0132301142) and for Nespresso coffee machines.

2 doses each pack.

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